Wednesday, March 28, 2007


i seriously think i'm getting shorter.
no really.

not the OMG-im-168cm-and-im-still-not-taller-than-an-average-supermodel short,
im more like,
shit-i-can't-hang-my-towel-on-my-door-like-i-used-to-and-i-fuckin-wonder-why short.

am i shrinking?
or did someone sneak into my room and made the towel hanger thing a little higher than usual in a feeble attempt to make me feel bad?

bleepin hell.
i really do hope its the latter.

shrinking doesnt sound too good to me.


exams are gonna be over soon.
as in today at 11.10am,
i'll be so flippin free im gonna bore my ass off.

no, am not going back though.
cz i have decided to revamp my room after popping by Target at looking at all the wonderful bedsheets.
niceeee (:

it's in an awful mess now.

just in case you were wondering,
im still struggling with math.

i got an A2 for add math in SPM
i stood in the middle of the road on the way back from school,
pushed the phone so near my ear,
it almost went right in.

i deserved it.
Bernard knows.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


sorry for the delay.


hell it might be two weeks late but.
i still did it so shut up ((:

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

#5. Image Hosted by

#6. Image Hosted by


#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

#5. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
see the similarities.
i like the boys' better ;D

#6. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
menyanyi dengan penuh feeling.

#7. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

#8. Image Hosted by

#9. Image Hosted by

#10. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
these boys sure obey the rules (:

#11. Image Hosted by
Fabien doing the bhangra.

#12. Image Hosted by

#13. Image Hosted by

#14. Image Hosted by

#15. Image Hosted by
awww..Jerry & Prince

#16. Image Hosted by
Aku dan Putera (and yes.his real name's Prince)

#17. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

#18. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
camwhoring with MUZZIE!

#19. Image Hosted by

#20. Image Hosted by

#21.Image Hosted by
credits to MUZZIE!


pics minus Superman except for one or two i dunno.
see if you can spot him ;D

#1. Image Hosted by
Keith & Denise.

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by
Denise, Jasper, KEITH!, Giselle.

#5. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
group photo ;D

#6. Image Hosted by
KEITH wanted to do that ((:


alrighty guys thats it.
3.40am here and darn i so need my sleep.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Don't think about an answer...just put
the first thing
that pops into your head down.

1. My ex is still:
* hardass

2. I am listening to:
* the fuckin birds making helluva noise

3. Maybe I should:
* read through JuicyJasJas's English notes

4. I love:
* superman

6. I don't understand:
* people

7. I lost:
* superman

8. People say:
* im a dumb blonde (no, not true.)

9. The meaning of my screen name is:
* huh?

10. Love is:
* blind

11. Somewhere, someone is:
* my superman

12. I will always:
* smile when i see superman

13. Forever seems:
* stupid.

14. I never ever want to:
* sleep.

15. My cell phone is:
* ugly

16. When I wake up in the morning:
* i curse everything i see in the morning, trip over the mess on my floor, open the door and stare at JuicyJasJas.

17. I get annoyed if:
* i don't like you.

18. Parties are:
* rad.

19. My pet(s) is(are):
* in heaven.

20. Kisses are the best when:
* its in the rain.

21. Today:
* i saw superman.

22. Tomorrow:
* i am seeing superman.

23. I really want:
* to see superman

24. Really want to ask:
* superman how the hell did he get so cute.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

delirious ;D

im so happyyyyy!!
really i am.
really really really.

i was with Superman for more than 3 hours today (:
my eyecandy.
omfg he's so cuteeeee :DDDDDD
cz it was like Keith's (that guy who looks like Xin from Princess Hours) birthday.
so he asked us out for karaoke.
i personally don't like karaoke,
but then i found out it was Superman's bday as well.
i immediately agreed.

oh hell.
i know his name now.
sounds pretty stupid but it sounds pretty rad on him.
i like.
i really really like.

i won't tell you his name.
i won't tell you which country he's from.
but if you were to ask me on msn,
i would prolly tell you how cute he is upclose,
that he like sthis girl but how it doesnt matter cz he's just eyecandy,
and maybe i'll send you a pic of him as well ;D

eyecandies are good.
friends with benefits are even better (:

don't mind me seriously.
i might not mean everything i say in this post so yuh.
im praying this entry won't come haunting me next time.
it all sunshine and rainbows for me now,
though im having my English 5 test tmrw,
it's good.
all cool.
im okay.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i wanna sleep.

i was on the bus back from Northbridge about an hour ago.
i dunno why but i started recalling one of my fav stories.
that one bout three lil lambs left all alone at home when their mom went out to do god-knows-what,
then a wolf wanted to trick them into believing that he was their mum.
but the dumbs lambs thought they were fuckin smart and told him that he was not their mother cz his voice was too rough, nails were too sharp, fur's not white enough and that kinda crap.

dumb farts.
but i still liked that story cz all of em got eaten in the end.

ok too random im sorry.


pictures from karaoke night,
i'll upload them soon i swear.
sorry Fabs but as you know,
connection here isnt all that fantastic unlike your house you know.

exams are next week.
i havent started revision.
im so dead.

Friday, March 16, 2007


i really ought to be finishing up my assignments,
but i could not resist this.

List 10 Of Your Friends (Any Gender) Below

Now Answer The Questions Below Referring To The Friends You Listed Above.

How long have you known 1 (JuicyJasJas)?
2months? but trust me, we're tight.

Have you been to 8's (Adit) house?
nope.he lives in Indonesia.

Do you like 6 (Nenepok)?
hell. i adore her.

Are 4(Cicakman) and 10(Eunice) friends?

Have you been to 3's (Fabs) house?
Fabs? the balcony.drinking's wayyy better there.

Would you ever live with 5 (FurfurYmun)?
yesyesyes!!!was on the phone with her for an hour plus just now ;D

When was the last time you talked to 4(CicakmanKevin)?
Cicak?uhm. this evening.7 i think when JuicyJasJas and I went over to Fabs's.

Would 1(JuicyJasJas) and 6 (Nenepok) make a good couple?
Nenepok & JuicyJasJas? yuh i think.opposites attract.heehee. but then again, both of em are so full of shit.

How about 8(Adit) and 10(Eunice)?
Adit & Eunice?!?! haha. nahhh.he's too horny, Eunice's not into guys like that.

Have you ever dreamt about 2(Muzzie)?
Muzzie?hell yeah. he was hailing a cab for me i think.grins.

Have you ever slept with 9(HornyLianlian)?
nope. even if you were to pay me, i would not go an inch closer to him. ;D

Is 7(Ben-ana) attractive?
Benny's a rock boy. he doesnt give a shit whether he's attractive or not. but pretty ok i reckon.

Do you love 4 (CicakmanKevin)?
awwww cicak?that innocent looking boy with piercings on his tiny face? hell yeah! grins.and well, he's cicakman.grins.

Would you ever cuddle with 1(JuicyJasJas)?
hahha.yuh. JuicyJasJas. awwww she's the funnest.

Would you ever kiss 3(Fabs)?
hah Fabs!I know you're reading this!!!

What do you like best about 6(Nenepok)?
i'm taller than her dot-com.

Have you ever had a crush on 1(JuicyJasJas), 3(Fabs), 5(FurfurYmun), 7(Ben-ana), or 9(HornyLianlian)?
it's a crush goddamnit.period.

Do you ever wish you never met 3(Fabs)?
no way! he's a darling, righttttttt?!

How did you meet 5(FurfurYmun)?
school? but we got really really close last year.yayness i love my Furfur.

Has 2(Muzzie) seen you naked?

Have you seen 2(Muzzie) naked?
haha nahhh.

Who is taller? 5(FurfurYmun) or 10(Eunice)?

Have you met 4's(Cicak) family?
uhm only his brother.

Would you ever hang out with 3(Fabs)?
uhh d-oh? he's fun.

Do you think 7(Ben-ana) is funny?
hahah yuhhhh especially when he's with Adit.

What about 6(Nenepok)?

Where was the last place you went with 1(JuicyJasJas)?
uhm. Northbridge?

When was the last time you hung out with 2(Muzzie)?
today. or yesterday actually. in the city.

Where do you want to take 3(Fabs)?
errr on a rollercoaster ride?
bringing him along to hell would be pretty rad too ;D

When do you want to see 4(Cicak)?
tmrw?no wait today. he had better be in school.

Would 5(FurfurYmun) and 6(Nenepok) make a good couple?
yup.sure why not?

Have 7(Ben-ana) and 8(Adit) ever kissed?
hahahahhahh i WISH!

Would 9 (HornyLianlian) or 10(Eunice) ever live together?
HornyLianLian can live with anyone.

Would you let 3(Fabs) have your baby?
WTF Fabs?! I should not have put you as no.3 damnit.flippin questions.

Have you ever told 1(JuicyJasJas) a deep dark secret?
nahh i dont tell people my deep dark secrets.

Has 1(JuicyJasJas) ever told you a secret?
yup.(i'm hoping the next question would be What is it?)

Would you runaway with 6(Nenepok)?
nods. at least i know she'll manage my money for me ;D

Who was the last person 9(HornyLianlian) kissed?
how the fuck would i know? prolly some hooker in Edinburgh.heh.

Who was the last person 7(Ben-ana) hugged?
i dunno.

What word or phrase does 4(Cicak) say alot?
cibai, fuck you cunt and fuck that.

Does 3(Fabs) make you laugh?

Does 2(Muzzie) ever annoy you?

When did you last call 4(Cicak)?
uhm last two days i think.

Do you ever talk to 3(Fabs) online?
all the time.

What about 2(Muzzie)?
not really.i'll just go over to his room.

Does 10(Eunice) smell bad?

Does 1(JuicyJasJas) smell nice?

Are 1 and 8 friends?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

dumb blonde no more ;D

Image Hosted by

blonde all gone!
okay well most of it.
more hair dye!
immediately got a brown Garnier Nutrisse from Claremont during my two hour break in college.
got home.
highlighted my hair.
yes guys.
i went to that extent.
was desperate.

received a few compliments today though,
and they told me to keep to that colour.
and i kinda liked it at the end of the day (JuicyJasJas as well)
but i gotta admit that it was a tad too bright.

so yuh.
now ive got brown highlights with a blonde base.
i feel like calling my hair Caramel for no particular reason.
too bad i like.

oh and Mrs Koo(my english teacher)
-awesome laydehh i tell you.
she texted me today,
congratulating me.
so i told her about how i got my hair blonde by accident cz she was always teasing me bout my funky hair colour.
so anyways, she replied this;

Naughty 2X...Know what? I miss d bunch of hyperactive gals w highly crptd minds.

look sayangs.
no one took over us.
i told Mrs Koo that corner was sacred.
hell and have the juniors told you how much they miss me us making so much noise in the sickbay?
apparently the sch's pretty quiet now.
Mary's one jolly happy lady, wanna bet?

Monday, March 12, 2007

dumb blonde.

being the bored asshole with nth better to do with my hair that i am,
i decided to go a shade of brown lighter.
tried on the boys's hair dye ystd(cz they wanted to go blonde and obviously came to me for help),
so i helped them and tried on abit,
it turned out pretty okay,
lighter but not light enough.

so today i made a trip to the city with ShoppingBuddyJerz to get blonde hairdye.
i got the ultra powerful one cz i didnt want to do it twice.
yes im impatient like that and trust me,
i paid a terrible price for that.

so excited and all i diy-ed the dye.
then it was done.
went over to JuicyJasJas's room to time it.
was supposed to leave it for 30-40 minutes,
10 minutes passed and she started shrieking,
"Joy joy joy!!!!Your hair damn light already!!!"

i went to the mirror and realised it was really too light.
washed it off.
looked in the mirror,
hyperventilated even more.
i tell you..
if i left it for 40minutes it would really turn blonde.
as in blonde blonde.

i never thought diy kits would actually work.
must be msia chaplang.
must be.
(yes blame it on your homecountry)

Image Hosted by
the first person that came into my mind was Xiaxue.
and hell that was not a compliment.
well Murphy said my hair looked better now though.
i told him he was blind.
very blind.

FabsFabien told me to go for it,
do it another time till its really blonde.
for other colours i would just do it,
not blonde.
nuh uh.
definitely not blonde.
i know that fag's got a thing for blondes.
he must be hoping every living thing with a pair of boobs has blonde hair.
boys and their idiosyncracies.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


yes guys im delirious.
czczcz i managed to get into the club last night,
using a friend's passport.

pretty strict here,
they'll only accept australian driver's license and passport.
so i got Jerz's.
it's pretty funny actually.
Ides wanted to go to Metrocity.
and she called me along but i couldnt go cz i didnt have an ID.
so i just took Jerz's passort on impulse since she was in Currie Hall.
dyed my hair flaming red(no really, but it turned our orange-y), did my makeup and got changed.

got Ides's passport for Rebecca cz she was staying over.

took a cab,
met up with Fabs at The Deen.
i went first.
got in.(yay!but i had to act all cool and confidant and stuff)
muzzie and jas got in too.
but the rest got busted.

pretty fun been a long time since i danced.
nice i like.

but the queues during the weekend's pretty long.
the queue at Paramount was THE horror.

all in all it was fun,
though we couldnt get a cab for almost an hour at 4.30 in the morning,
freezing our asses off and finally getting back to currie hall at 5,
it was good,really.

i wanna go to Metro next week.

pics are with Anisa.
soon soon soon.

Me: Oi cicak! guess what?!
CicakmanKevin: yes shawty?
Me: I havent touched alcohol since Friday.
CicakmanKevin: I've been getting drunk since Thursday.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

god loves me.

i blew 100 dollars today,
which makes it around 300 ringgit.
but im happy.
got new sunnies to add to my collection.

i bet Adeline's jealous,
but really the sunnies here are awesome.
i could just grab any pair and know it'll fit pretty well fine.
yes cheer baby cheer.

Rudy: Eat my chips Irfan and I'll make sure you'll meet God. (fyi, Irfan's a flippin pious Indon who makes sure he prays 6 times a day punctually.)
Joylyn: *digs into the packet of chips*
Rudy: Yea Irfan. You can meet God with Joy.
Irfan: *blinkblinkblink*
Rudy: But then again, you'll prolly reach Heaven's gate with Joy. Then you'll get in but she'll fall all the way down to hell. Then you should just wave to her from up there and ask her if it's hot down there.
Joylyn: Fuck you bitch. I've got more friends there anyways ;D

ohh and watch this.
bleepin funny.

Elmo's got a new twist in life.
i dunno if im lovin it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


have been on a hiatus for a pretty long while.
im sorry.
life's been a bitch and assignments are piling up so bad i dunno where to start.
i have a helluva lot to blog..
too little time.
but hey.
i'll be back,

leaving you guys with a pic.
leaving you guys with a hell lot of pics.


#1. Image Hosted by
CicakmanKevin and I

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

#5. Image Hosted by
Cicak's crying cz he's scared.

#6. Image Hosted by

#7. Image Hosted by

#8. Image Hosted by
Fabs tengah high.

#9. Image Hosted by
i swear he's not smoking weed.
he's a good boy.

#10. Image Hosted by

#11. Image Hosted by
BellydancerAnisa and I

#12. Image Hosted by

#13. Image Hosted by
Muzzie hantu handsome!

- I did Muzzie a.k.a Ghost's make up cz im bladdy talented like that (:
- the one in black's FabsFabien


we decide to make the most out of summer.
fuck it's been terribly hot these few days.

#1. Image Hosted by
Cheryl and I

#2. Image Hosted by
boys will be boys.

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by
the real deal.

#5. Image Hosted by

#6. Image Hosted by

#7. Image Hosted by
Fabs and Cicak

#8. Image Hosted by

#9. Image Hosted by
from the left- Le Si, ME!, Eunice, Cheryl


was too wasted to take pics.
but i got two!

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

funny how the pics didnt turn out blur.
in fact i would say it was pretty decent, no?
Kids - MGMT