Thursday, December 28, 2006


singapore was awesome as usual.
though i was pretty skint out of my pants and couldnt get the topshop top i was drooling but its okay.
my darlings, Sara & Nenepok made up for that.

went to vivo city to see how damn nice the outside was,
it rained the whole day the romantic atmosphere just bleepin disappeared.
pictures are in Sara's camera so will post it here when she sends em over.

so oh well.
another 3 days or less before all my good good really good friends are leaving.
well ive met up with a few of them,
except for Ymun, Evirella, YenMin,
ohh and my dear TwinYvonne too.
but she'll be going for the 2nd intake so it's pretty okay.
i'll be around till the 20th.
they really mean alot to me.
especially the NPK's.
we've gone through quite alot this year,
from bitching to getting into trouble and hating our History teacher,
plus the dirty jokes and endless laughter whether it was wayyyy before spm,during spm,the break in between our papers,after spm.
that pretty much sums up everything.
no doubt theyre gonna miss me like f as well )':

my rents have been nice/reasonable enough.
ive been going out continuously for 8 days and counting,
coming back not very early.
but like i said earlier they were pretty rad.
funny how we lepak for one whole day, complain how much our legs are aching and how broke I am,
then the next thing we'll say, "Eh.tmrw call me lar.we go yum cha."
or even just a simple "Tmrw how?"
life's like that.

post spm life's fun i gotta admit.
just that it burns a HUGE gaping hole in my pocket all the time.
yes im broke-
yet again damnit.

going to kl for the newyear countdown party on the 30th.
shit don't tell me i gotta go window shopping.
damn i hate window shopping.
it's so evil and tempting i just wanna grab whatever i want then run out of the shop.
kiddingkidding im not like that.
i'd probably go to times square and sunway lagoon cz it's cheaper to be in a themepark.
need some adrenaline pumping,
been too mellow lately.
need to scream and wave my hands in the air.
can't wait.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Xmas to you and you and YOU!

i had such a blasting time yesterday!
it was awesome.
a few of us (no,not the NPK's,sadly) went to some random club in JJ.
dad's friend owns it,
so luckylucky us takde age limit.

we danced,we played pool (ooh ohh i improved quite a bit yay!),
and got just abit tipsy.
but i never slept better.
forgot to hang up my xmas socks.
it's still it the drawer damnit.
must be the alcohol.

should not make this a habit,must start coming home early everynight.
will try ((:

on a brighter note,

#1. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

#5. Image Hosted by

#6. Image Hosted by

pictures from last night coming soon.
waiting for em.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

fun is in my blood.

i had sooooo much fun these few days.

first it was that concert.
it wasnt what we expected.
you know,
that kinda jumpjumpjumpgilagila kind.
kimda regretted it when they started with those kinda what christmas is about stuff.
cz i've heard it sooo many times in sch it's boring.
i can recite it in my sleep.

that ah wee told us food was provided BUT heyheysurprisesurprise it wasnt.
damn hungry wei.
decide to pop by singgah selalu.
waited for an hour for them to arrange transport.
julian was nice enough to give us a lift there.
ended up only the 5 of us eating cz the others were still arranging transport.
my friends' parents called incessantly-
except for mine.
it was 12 already and i told them i would be back by 12 but still NOT.EVEN.A.BEEP.ON.MY.PHONE.

i got sent home last.
tak kena scolding pun.
fyi, it was almost 1.30am.
oh did i mention a car was tailing us at johorjaya?
it was scary only two of us were in the car.


i got back the latest.
but only dad knew and he didnt tell mum.
so i asked mum if i could got to TC.
she thought i came back at 12 plus.

Me: uhh going to jusco later ahh.lepak with the NPK's and Julian.
Mum: mmm.okay.who's fetching?
Me: julian.
Mum: who's that?
Me: friend lar.
Mum: his driving okay anot?
Me: yuh.
Mum: oklah.tell him i say thx.

oh my freaking goodness she didnt even ask what time will i be back.

is it just me or are my parents treating me dead or something?
tak tau.
i like it this way.
bo chup langsung.


my heart was beating so fast.
it was so cute,
everything around me just disappeared.
nenek thinks it's lianlian but no.

my heart is still beating damn fast.
i think it's cz i've never seen elmo that up close before.
and soooo big.
that ladies and gentlemen is exactly why the TC trip was so fun.

oh and new pair of limited edition converse.

JulianMr.FullOfHimself picked me up today.
but he was so interested in what i was saying he missed the turn.
so i gave him instructions.
using the larkin way.
but he missed the bridge.
and tried to blame it on me but too bad.
not my fault.
he kept on driving till we realised there were alot of oilpalm plantations around us.
we reached Senai/Kulai.
like that pun boleh wei.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

a free spirit.

i was talking to a certain Mr.X yesterday.

Mr.X : u got bf?
Me: me?haha nawww.
Mr.X: den can ask you out ade.
Mr.X: u wan go out?
Me: what?!! it doesn't mean that if i have a boyf i can't go out k?
Me: i'm in a relationship not in jail.
Mr.X: paiseh paiseh

i do have a life,you know?
the stupid theories people seem to come up with.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

chimneys,santa claus,presents && the grinch.


well i've been online alot these few days.
and i pretty much noticed that everybody's really in a christmas-y mood.
and i noticed as well what their favourite nick/personal message is.

yes yes THAT song!
i went to Elle last week and they were playing that song continuously.
oh they were playing the one that bitchney britney spears sang.

thought i had enough of it but noooooo...
when i came online my whole contact list(i was exaggerating.maybe not the WHOLE but the majority) seemed like-
i dunno, santa's toy factory?
okayy scratch that it sounded dumb.
but the fact is all their nicks look the same i even sent the wrong IM to the wrong person.
and it happened to be a middle finger emoticon.

did i mention tv?!
they're playing that song over and over for all the advertisements.
i'm missing the grinch already.

all i want for christmas is you.
all i want for christmas is her.
all i want for christmas is him.
you're all i want for christmas.
Merry Christmas!
christmas is hereeee!!!
christmas is-


and when i looked back at mine,
i felt kinda bad.

Joylyn! Vladimirella Way x youevoli a hell lot.
i'll love you forever&ever.goddamnit you fuckin liar you ;D

nuh uh.
that doesnt sound abit like xmas.
neither does it sound like valentines.
i promise i'll change it soon.

looking forward to some rock concert at the M Suites this coming friday.
it better be good ahwee cz i'll be missing Supernatural at 10pm for that
andandand i'll prolly get to spend xmas eve at EVELYN's church.

maybe i really am getting into a christmas-y mood already.
time to change my nick ;D

okie dokie.
i found that All I Want For Christmas Is You Song and uploaded it to my blog.
im not mad.
just that,
guess who sang it?
and MORE gerard.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


My good friends came over today.

-sujen,ymun,veron,ah wee,,sara & wern-li.

so sujen,ymun and i came back from lunch and found the three of them waiting at my place already.


ah wee was super duper excited when I came home.

”Joy!!!I got you your present!!!”

waited in anticipation,

then she pulled out a pink plastic bag from her bag,

and took out another hideous Orange handbag.

i just stared at that ugly thing.

i couldn’t bring myself to thank them as they went on and on bout how long they took to find this bag,how unappreciative I am,how expensive it is and nadanadanada.

i just couldn’t,

cz well, as a matter of fact, I don’t really fancy the colour being orange.

cz I think orange looks gaudy.

but what really irked me was the print.

there were patches of BIG flowers all over.

and yuh it’s orange too.

ohh and it’s a handbag and damn don’t I just hate handbags.


they were like,”Bring it to ozzie k?Must take it around k?”

i was so mean to go,”No way wei!it’s so damn..damn lar’s so not me.”


I seriously could have been more tactful.

but oh well I hated it.

#1. Image Hosted by
that bloody revoltingly ugly bag.

then all of a sudden those assholes burst out laughing.

Sujen grabbed ‘her bag’(I really liked that bag) from my couch,

handed it to me and went,”Bluff you wan lar joy.THIS is actually your bag.”

blinkblinkblink blinkblinkblink

“WHADDDD?!!!YOU $#%#!&%@@!”

and then they showered me with wonderful wonderful gifts.

ymun got me a keychain that said,”So wat if im bitchy?” (yuh.she thinks im bitchy that blasted *)

ohoh and she gave me one of the skull earrings she bought.

yea that one which was too big.

I cleverly gave her the brilliant idea to use it as a button badge so she happily kept the other one.


oh and did I mention that they gave me a pink heart with a black ball in the middle before that?

no I didn’t.

anyways that was fake too.

it was actually a skull on a star.

I dunno how to describe it but it’s a limited edition one.


#2. Image Hosted by
that that that that BAG!damn I loveloveloveeee bags.

#3. Image Hosted by
oh and that keychain ;D

#4. Image Hosted by
the REAL necklace!

#5. Image Hosted by
that skull earring/button badge!

oh hell I felt so loved.

not like that was in jeopardy or anything.


don’t you just WANT my lovelies?

i know you do don’t bluff ;D

*im really sorry bout how blur the pictures turned out.


but it loves ELMO as much as ME! \

which explains why I have a decent pic of him.


#6. Image Hosted by
my other loverboy ((:

Friday, December 15, 2006


i got this from Michie!!!.it's from friendster so yuh.just for the fun of it.

Go to YOUR PROFILE and list the last
10 people who have given you
testimonials. If someone has given you
a testimonial twice, skip to the next
new person; don't repeat the same

1. alven
2. jason
3. sara(buttcrack!)
4. marvin
5. sarah
6. swee yee
7. han qiang
8. natalie
9. sue lynn
10. leo

Q.Have you ever gotten in trouble
with 8?
Natalie- hmm.nuhh.

Q.How often do you talk to 4?
Marvin- when we go online.but if he's back here we talk ALOT of cock.ack.

Q.Is number 1 pretty?
Alven- pretty?!hell yeah he's absolutely gorgeous he looks like a pretty princess!YOU GO ODIE!

Q.Have you ever kissed 3?
Sara- her?nuhh.Nippie kissed her though.they're lesbo partners.or so they claimed.grins.

Q.Is 3 in a relationhip?
Sara- a few but it's always a one way ticket kinda thing.

Q.What would you get 6 for his/her
Swee Yee- a dress cz she's girly like that.

Q.Have you ever been to 2's house?
Jason- nope.

Q.Do you live close to 10?
Leo- hell no.

Q.Have you ever slept with 6?
Swee Yee- love, not as in perv.

Q.How did you meet 7?
Han Qiang- was forced to.he's my bleepin brother lar goddamnit.ohh and he's short.

Q.Whats one fact about 1?
Alven- contrary to popular belief(and of the ques before this), he's a guy who's in J-Pop Rock.

Q.Do you know 3's birthday?
Sara- 27th August (i texted her to ask and she said i was a dumbass.yuh i deserved it.)

Q.What do you like about 10?
Leo- he's got the funniest ears EVER!it pokes out like dumbo and he's got a mousy squeaky voice.

Q.What's the next thing you'll do with
Sue Lynn- hang out sometime i reckon. (love,if you're reading this,you better keep a free day for ME!)

Q.Is 4 someone u can trust?
Marvin- well i guess so though he'll blackmail me with my secrets all the time.chickenpooo.

Q.Do you think 5 could kill someone?
Sarah- hell yes!

Q.What is 8 afraid of?
Natalie- uhhh.D getting pissed?i seriously dunno cz she's THE TERROR. (yea yea kalis kaokao)

Q.When is the last time you talked to
Sara- about 2 secs ago?i love her that mucho.

Q.Would 10 and 4 make a good couple?
Marvin&Leo- yuh.they're both idiots nice people.GAYYYY!!!!

Q.Is 5 single?
Sarah- i seriously dunno.i think so (:

Q.Whats the last thing you did with 2?
Jason- texted him.

Q.Is 4 in a relationship?
Marvin- in a few relationships.i'm one person he has to keep his girlfriend(s) away from.grins.

Q.Do you think 1 has a crush on you?
Alven- odie?!?!nawwww no way!

Q.Do you know 9's favourite music?
Sue Lynn- the veronicas!



20 people you know.
List 20 people off the top of your
head. DON'T read the questions first:

1. Sujen Nippie
2. Ymun Furfur
3. Sara Buttcrack
4. Wern-Li Bolali
5. Stepfanie PeeWeeDiapers
6. Stephanie Nenepok
7. Yvonne TWIN!!!
8. Sue Lynn
9. Michelle
10.Bekah Princess Tinkerbell
11. Julian Hyper Korkor!
12. Abel Faggotshit Mommie
13. Anson
14. Pamela
15. Yen Min
16. Evelyn
17. Gerard! Loverboy
18. Alven
19. Bernard

How did you meet 3?:
Sara- uhh..she just disrupted my whole life but just popping in from god-knows-where this year but ive grown to adore her so much it's hard to pass a day without her.yes, im in love -not.

What would have happened if you hadn't
met 6?:
Stephanie- there wouldnt be the NPK gang,and i wouldnt be founder AND she wouldnt be president ;D

What do you honestly think of 10?:
Bekah- real lucky and and real nice (:

Would 8 date 3?:
Suelynn&Sara- no shit.nuh uh.she belongs to sujen and ME!

Were you ever into 4?:
Wern-Li: all the time darling,all the time (:

Would you date 5?:
Stepfanie- no way hosay.if i was a boyf i would probably DIEEEE.she expects a hell lot.nononono way.

Would 2 & 11 make a good couple?:
Ymun&Julian- yes yes yes!!!i don't wanna elaborate they dooooo!!!!cz they're both real fun.

Would you go out with 14?:
Pamela- yes.she's hot like f.

Describe 7 in 7 words.:
Yvonne- omg twinn you'd thk me for this!fun,witty,pretty,SMART,loves me like i-dunno-what,loves me,loves me,loves me,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun and everything good cz she's my twin,helloooo?!?!

Do you think 15 is hot.:
Yen Min- YES.

Would 1 & 17 make a good couple?:
Sujen&Gerard- no fuckin way(no pun intended).H.E I.S M.I.N.E and i absolutely loathe sharing.hmph!

Tell us something about 14.:
Pamela- hot stuff,chindian,and thinks im damn hot.YEA!

Do you know any of 3's family?:
Sara- yesyesyes!!her brother,Keith has an awesome name and is hyperactive.Her mother is awesome and darn sexy.

On a scale of 1-10, how pretty is 16?:
Evelyn- 9.i wanted to give a perfect 10 but she's got a laser mouth damnit.

What language does 19 speak?:
Bernard- quite a few lar.

Who is 12 going out with?:
Abel- kylie minogue.

When was the last time you spoke to
Anson: this afternoon.he texted me but i was out of credit boohoo sorry boy!

Would 18 & 10 make a good couple?:
Alven&Bekah- no way!devil+angel.ack.

Would you ever date 2?:
Ymun- yuh i reckon.she's fun,hot and can dance.ohh and she's really nice to bite.yummy.

How'd you meet 20?:
Wei-Xun- aww xun xun!primary sch!i called him a trishaw puller ):

Where does 17 live?:
Gerard- New Jersey (:

How long have you known 19?:
Bernard- Form 3.

Is 12 older than you?:
Abel- yuh.and he's my mom.

Have you ever gone out with 8?:
Sue Lynn- nope.bloody hell.

Have you kissed 5?:
Stepfanie- nope.pretended to,blown her one,and typed dozens of it to her.she'd freak and die if i gave her a real one.

Do you find 18 attractive?:
Alven- not bad.nice hair and still lovin his accessories.yay!

What is 6's best feature?:
Stephanie- her legs damnit. (now the boys will get horny ;D)

What do you like about 9?:
Michelle- she's REALLY nice.

Is 3 a good friend?:
Sara- Yes without a doubt.

Out of 8, 17, 4, 16, 2 who would you
sleep with?:
Suelynn,Gerard,Wern-Li,Ymun,Evelyn- G.E.R.A.R.D!like hello.


damn i love these kinda surveys.



nonono really.
i need to get my goddamn ears pierced.
im missing out on all the wonderful wonderful earrings.
my buddies went to thailand(yes without me.but no worries they had a perfectly valid reason.),
and my good friend Furfur got a pair of skull earrings(fyi she bought it without trying,all the while contemplating whether to get one for yet again,she didnt.i would say she was pretty smart since she called and told me the earrings were TOO BIG.)
i pissed myself laughing.
imagine she wanted to get me all jealous.
too bad beb,too pun tak bleh pakai ((:

back to the earring pasal.
i have tried walking into a jewellery shop,asking the man/lady how much is it,
tell myself "heck lar,so cheap also don't want.if you can burn 12 bucks on mags why not a decent pair of piercings?"

but guess what,
i plop myself down on their stupid red round synthetic velvet chair,
take out my handphone,
pretend im in such a rush,mumble something bout mother kena parking ticket while waiting outside for me.
my mother happened to be in popular,and no she didnt even call me.
yes shut up i was lying i know.

trust me,
ive did that three times in 3 different shopping centres in JB,and a few times in KL & Singapore.
omfg i wanna kill myself when i get home and realise what an idiot i was.
oh yuh infection!.
that excuse works for me all the time but i just have to stop living in denial and admit,

a conversation i had with a cousin not too long ago.
Cousin: Wahhh joy..16 already still didnt pierce your ears ahh?
Joylyn: Shut up lar.I pierce my lip than you know.
C: Talk big.Ears also don't dare wanna pierce your lip pulak.
J: Not don't dare okayy!Infection kills people.-beams to myself after thinking i came up with such a wonderful excuse-
C: Aiyah don't bluff lar.Scared then scared lar.What infection infection?
J: -stops beaming and unconsciously touches unpierced ears-

and this is the cousin whom i forced to sit the roller coaster in times square with me.
he puked after one round and i went for my 2nd and 3rd.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


all my love darlings.
i know i ought to come up with good posts im sorry.
i just have too much to say.
i wish i could talk instead of write out my musings.
but i promise i promise i promise soon enough i'll have a proper post up.
more pictures.
i still had long hair,yes with a stupid fringe, in the last two pictures.
that's my son nephew, Travis Barker Neo.

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

coloured eyeliner ((:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

hey love.
back to blogger now.
way too many complaints its driving me wacko.

i just realised how much i would miss the lj-cut tags in LJ.
and the bloody easy navigation,
not having to edit bleepin html codes whenever i change my layout,
the lj-cut tags.
oh ive mentioned it a while ago.

so anyways for the record.
i just got my hair cut yet again ystd at Elle.
i wanted to touch up my haircolour abit.
but Nicole,
oh she's my aunt and hairstylist as well.
yuh im lucky like that.grins.

told me to give the ever-fashionable bob a shot.
i was scared alright.
i never had it so goddamn short before.
but she managed to convince me.
heck pendek then pendek lar no prob can save shampoo.
my best friend's the hair mud now.

alrighty pictures.

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

#5. Image Hosted by

Kids - MGMT