Wednesday, June 18, 2008

blind spot.

when you're on a constant search for love, or just someone to grab on to,
is it just me or do your doubts engulve you so much you never realise who you really have till one day it smacks you right in the face?
and when you finally do, it's gone and then you freefall all over again repeating the same old mistakes knowing that you'll be losing more people along the way.

wait. did that even make sense?
its hard to write feelings you know.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"I am frozen, but it's you I've chosen." -Catch A Fall, 4 Strings.

and that's how i fell in love,
with music.
and trance.

i need some therapy.
i wanna be a DJ.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i dunno la.

too stoned to give a flying shit about anything or anyone in the world.
just wanna watch tv and sulk about how broke i am.

can't fuckin afford a bus ride to town.
that's what happens when you're too off your face and drop your cash while looking for a non existent lighter for your mates.

going back this coming sunday.
im so excited but something feels wrong, inappropriate.
but why?

Friday, June 13, 2008

im missing my skinny bitch already. she left an hour ago.

anyhoos, TONIGHT!

might be having lunch with my dear fabien in uhm 4 hours.
picking up my parcel after that.
meeting Sarah and Alex at Freo for a second round of lunch and more op shopping!
(holy shit the skinny bitch and i went op shopping this arvo and i got a pair of patent heels for 6.95AUD and she got a few bags for 7AUD each)
party at Megan's and finally,
the trance god himself, Armin Van Buuren till 7 and another long day ahead.

meanwhile i shall get some well deserved sleep.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


counting down the nights to Armin Only. (5!)
haven't decide what to wear yet. then again, we're gonna come out looking like shit so why the effort? haha

you know what i really really really wanna watch,
That 70s Show The Movie.
i mean there was the simpsons and sex and the city and whatever not so WHY NO THAT 70S SHOW THE MOVIE!

damnit. im so bored and i got this really weird dream. makes me feel funny.
not cool.

Saturday, June 7, 2008



i caught sex and the city with my chicas and it was the fuckin bomb.
it's like the devil wears prada with a little more love, friendship and EVEN MORE CLOTHES AND AND SHOES OMG

haha i like how it was a chick flick and at every nice gown we saw we gasped and grabbed each others hands
yehhhh we da shizzz. hahah

Thursday, June 5, 2008


weather's been pretteh alright these few days. keeping my fingers crossed we can go to the beach. frenchi and the rest are going beaching at freo in five minutes and i really wanna go but this lazy butt wouldnt move an inch outta bed.

how productive.

ooh went for a major shopping spree with the girls yesterday. probably bought the whole mall lol
got acrylics done and its so fuckin hard to type but i like how they make the click click click sound MUAHAHAHa
but for once my nails looks pretty. theyre so cool its like a french manicure with racer checkers on the tips

Kids - MGMT