Thursday, March 22, 2007

delirious ;D

im so happyyyyy!!
really i am.
really really really.

i was with Superman for more than 3 hours today (:
my eyecandy.
omfg he's so cuteeeee :DDDDDD
cz it was like Keith's (that guy who looks like Xin from Princess Hours) birthday.
so he asked us out for karaoke.
i personally don't like karaoke,
but then i found out it was Superman's bday as well.
i immediately agreed.

oh hell.
i know his name now.
sounds pretty stupid but it sounds pretty rad on him.
i like.
i really really like.

i won't tell you his name.
i won't tell you which country he's from.
but if you were to ask me on msn,
i would prolly tell you how cute he is upclose,
that he like sthis girl but how it doesnt matter cz he's just eyecandy,
and maybe i'll send you a pic of him as well ;D

eyecandies are good.
friends with benefits are even better (:

don't mind me seriously.
i might not mean everything i say in this post so yuh.
im praying this entry won't come haunting me next time.
it all sunshine and rainbows for me now,
though im having my English 5 test tmrw,
it's good.
all cool.
im okay.


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