Friday, March 16, 2007


i really ought to be finishing up my assignments,
but i could not resist this.

List 10 Of Your Friends (Any Gender) Below

Now Answer The Questions Below Referring To The Friends You Listed Above.

How long have you known 1 (JuicyJasJas)?
2months? but trust me, we're tight.

Have you been to 8's (Adit) house?
nope.he lives in Indonesia.

Do you like 6 (Nenepok)?
hell. i adore her.

Are 4(Cicakman) and 10(Eunice) friends?

Have you been to 3's (Fabs) house?
Fabs? the balcony.drinking's wayyy better there.

Would you ever live with 5 (FurfurYmun)?
yesyesyes!!!was on the phone with her for an hour plus just now ;D

When was the last time you talked to 4(CicakmanKevin)?
Cicak?uhm. this evening.7 i think when JuicyJasJas and I went over to Fabs's.

Would 1(JuicyJasJas) and 6 (Nenepok) make a good couple?
Nenepok & JuicyJasJas? yuh i think.opposites attract.heehee. but then again, both of em are so full of shit.

How about 8(Adit) and 10(Eunice)?
Adit & Eunice?!?! haha. nahhh.he's too horny, Eunice's not into guys like that.

Have you ever dreamt about 2(Muzzie)?
Muzzie?hell yeah. he was hailing a cab for me i think.grins.

Have you ever slept with 9(HornyLianlian)?
nope. even if you were to pay me, i would not go an inch closer to him. ;D

Is 7(Ben-ana) attractive?
Benny's a rock boy. he doesnt give a shit whether he's attractive or not. but pretty ok i reckon.

Do you love 4 (CicakmanKevin)?
awwww cicak?that innocent looking boy with piercings on his tiny face? hell yeah! grins.and well, he's cicakman.grins.

Would you ever cuddle with 1(JuicyJasJas)?
hahha.yuh. JuicyJasJas. awwww she's the funnest.

Would you ever kiss 3(Fabs)?
hah Fabs!I know you're reading this!!!

What do you like best about 6(Nenepok)?
i'm taller than her dot-com.

Have you ever had a crush on 1(JuicyJasJas), 3(Fabs), 5(FurfurYmun), 7(Ben-ana), or 9(HornyLianlian)?
it's a crush goddamnit.period.

Do you ever wish you never met 3(Fabs)?
no way! he's a darling, righttttttt?!

How did you meet 5(FurfurYmun)?
school? but we got really really close last year.yayness i love my Furfur.

Has 2(Muzzie) seen you naked?

Have you seen 2(Muzzie) naked?
haha nahhh.

Who is taller? 5(FurfurYmun) or 10(Eunice)?

Have you met 4's(Cicak) family?
uhm only his brother.

Would you ever hang out with 3(Fabs)?
uhh d-oh? he's fun.

Do you think 7(Ben-ana) is funny?
hahah yuhhhh especially when he's with Adit.

What about 6(Nenepok)?

Where was the last place you went with 1(JuicyJasJas)?
uhm. Northbridge?

When was the last time you hung out with 2(Muzzie)?
today. or yesterday actually. in the city.

Where do you want to take 3(Fabs)?
errr on a rollercoaster ride?
bringing him along to hell would be pretty rad too ;D

When do you want to see 4(Cicak)?
tmrw?no wait today. he had better be in school.

Would 5(FurfurYmun) and 6(Nenepok) make a good couple?
yup.sure why not?

Have 7(Ben-ana) and 8(Adit) ever kissed?
hahahahhahh i WISH!

Would 9 (HornyLianlian) or 10(Eunice) ever live together?
HornyLianLian can live with anyone.

Would you let 3(Fabs) have your baby?
WTF Fabs?! I should not have put you as no.3 damnit.flippin questions.

Have you ever told 1(JuicyJasJas) a deep dark secret?
nahh i dont tell people my deep dark secrets.

Has 1(JuicyJasJas) ever told you a secret?
yup.(i'm hoping the next question would be What is it?)

Would you runaway with 6(Nenepok)?
nods. at least i know she'll manage my money for me ;D

Who was the last person 9(HornyLianlian) kissed?
how the fuck would i know? prolly some hooker in Edinburgh.heh.

Who was the last person 7(Ben-ana) hugged?
i dunno.

What word or phrase does 4(Cicak) say alot?
cibai, fuck you cunt and fuck that.

Does 3(Fabs) make you laugh?

Does 2(Muzzie) ever annoy you?

When did you last call 4(Cicak)?
uhm last two days i think.

Do you ever talk to 3(Fabs) online?
all the time.

What about 2(Muzzie)?
not really.i'll just go over to his room.

Does 10(Eunice) smell bad?

Does 1(JuicyJasJas) smell nice?

Are 1 and 8 friends?


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