Sunday, February 18, 2007

pictures galore!

darlings ;D
first of all happy cny!
yes i just woke up and HAVE been waking up at this time.
my stomach hurts and i absolutely loveeeeeeeee Fabien cz he's the awesomest bad boy ever.
and he dances/shuffles wheeyoowhee!
to Fabian: i did not NOT finish the Corona okay.i remembered YOU stopping me cz you didnt want me pissed when we went ghost hunting.rahhhhhh-
sorry random.
but here're pictures.


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that was shit awesome.

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this is awesome.
i painted his nails black one day,
and slapped on eyeliner for him the next.
you dunno just how many people approached him that day.
but funny only I think he looks nice.
oh yuh and Keith too.
screw those morons who said he's gay.
i painted Keith's nails black as well.
his parents are gonna kill him cz he can't wash em off and its CNY.
wrong choice of colour.

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i contrasted this one alot.
he looks like The Patient from MCR's WTTBP mtv,no?

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Nenek's wondering if i have any decent pictures of him.
yes nenek i do.
but candids are better and i think these two are pretty decent already.


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my drinking buddies.
Pooooochie and RudyTheTerminator.

#2. Image Hosted by
it fuckin grew!
thk god.

#3. Image Hosted by
credits to MuzzieWuzziePussy.

psst..and i promise you pics of Fabien soon.
cz he might just might..
be a resident every friday and sat night at currie hall.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


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my valentine's day here was pretty well awesome.
no hot date.
just a hell lot of chocs and tonnes of laughter.

well there were some of them emo-ing but in the end,
things still felt okay ((:
thank god.

we all made a decision to wear red,
no not clishe.
just for the fun of it,
and then used eyeliner and lipstick to paint hearts on our faces.
i didnt want to paint my cheek knowing how much A Dick loves pinching em.
so i had one on my neck and a tiny one below my right eye.

had dinner at Makan Makan later at night.
but BEN-ana and I realised that we were pretty well broke so we decided to eat at KFC first in the afternoon when we went to the city.

ohh ohh anyways!
i made Chocolate Mousse!
okay well not me alone..
but BEN-ana as well on Tuesday.
TimmyTammyTummy helped us the first time cz the recipe was really complicating.

but we made the 2nd one ourselves!

the story's like that.
the first one's bitter (we used dark choc and added a lil espresso)
the 2nd one however was sweet and milk choc like.
it's meant for the two groups of people celebrating Vday.

i checked.
a fuckin hell lot of depressed people here.

hope your Vday was good.
will post pics up tmrw or smth.
i hate rotating the pics.
and trust me.
i have ALOT of pics to rotate ;D

choc mousse ;D

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BENNYBENBEN-ana at work.

#2. Image Hosted by
i know,
but it tastes like heaven so who gives a flying shite?

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that's the bitter one.

#4. Image Hosted by
and the sweet one.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

ladeedahdeedahhhh it's friday night!

Julian misses my entries.
aww the sweetie ;D

anyways anyways.
ystd was FRIDAY NIGHT!
damn i absolutely loveeee fridays.
well except that i gotta finish sch with Descriptive Math.

after dinner.
we all(as in uhm 6 to 7 of us) crammed into BEN-ana's room.
5 of us on the bed.
and played emo songs.
that was fun-

UNTIL TummyTammy came over.
BEN-ana sprayed her legs with his shaving cream.

and then things got FUNNER.
it was shaving cream fest i tell you.
almost everyone had white stuff on their head or shirts.
the boys got it bad.
Tsutomo got it in his ear,
Irfan got it in his eye.
and our dear BEN-ana got it in his throat.

we went down to get wasted for a few drinks and shisha later on.
none of us could get beer,
so we got TummyTammy to get em for us.
who the fuck would have thought she's come back with a six-pack beer and 6 bottles of vodka.
but we were happy,
and got pretty wasted.
it was good cz i've never slept so early before during my three weeks here.

and if you were wondering,
we did buy our own shisha pipe.
cz we were all not 18 yet.
we named him Junior.
and damn.
Junior's been a pretty good boy.

will not be posting up pictures from the shisha night though.
it gets annoying when people start telling people im smoking when the fact is,
im not.
a picture paints a thousand words oh yes.
and i wouldnt want rumours going round back home bout me becoming an alcoholic.

and no.
i did not fag at all.
Muzzie said that i look like i smoke and do drugs.
but nahh muzzie baby,
you're looking at one good kid.

oh wait.
this was funny.
only BEN-ana and i and a few people were left in Currie Hall ystd afternoon.
were too broke to go to the city btw.
then we saw a post-it note in the pantry.

Image Hosted by

and at night,
she made quite a fuss cz she found THIS right next to her note.

Image Hosted by

if you can guess who wrote it,
i'll pay you $10.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


more pics.
the last post was uhm-
not very nice.
im sorry.

the boys you're gonna see are two of my good friends,
BEN-ana and Adit,
but we call the latter A Dick.
so yuh.

uhm i was telling A Dick that he's a trisexual.
ohh and he becomes gay every full moon.

and im their camerawoman.
cz the other girls think theyre just plain sick.
BEN-ana thinks that the girls dig it.
oh well Ben..
screw you.

they came running into my room,
together with two mini soccer balls,

and then the fun started.

#1. Image Hosted by
when you don't have big dicks,
just stuff your pants and pose.

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by
A Dick loves em big hoochie mamas.

#4. Image Hosted by

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#6. Image Hosted by
we pasted this on the bulletin board.
planning on how to do the FOUND one next.


BEN-ana: I don't wanna go back for dinner lar.
RUDY: Uhh..why?
BEN-ana: Currie Hall food taste like fuck.
RUDY: ooohhhhh...and how does fuck taste like?

my friends are horny like that.
so im not actually missing out too much from the NPKs.
no worries lovelies.
you girls are STILL in my miss list.

Monday, February 5, 2007

life's a bitch.

BlurBoiboiSebastian told me smth at the airport the last time,

"Its the same person who would make you laugh and cry as much."

it was smth like that.
i wished i would have written it down.
it seriously hit me hard i dunno why-
and it sorta came back to me again this particular night.

perhaps my love life's pretty much in the dumps.
damn i hear so much goss and stuff from my buddies nightly sometimes i feel so empty.
no don't get me wrong i'm really happy for them.
really my lovelies, i really am happy and proud of you guys ((:
and am looking forward to more hot goss.

it's just that when everyone's enveloped in love,
it's weird.

i don't wanna be aunt agony anymore.

i wanna see them happy getting the girl/guy they want.
i want those people i hung out during the first week of college back.

not that im not laughing enough and not having fun.
but yuh,
things are different.
crushes are all over college,
and valentine's day coming so everyone's getting emo.

what's wrong with spending V'day with your closest buddies.
if my NPK's were here i would have rented a limo, packed with beer and plush toys,
go to the beach and go skinny dipping or smth with them.

it strucked me that i really do miss them though i've probably made some awesome friends here.

i wish that i could IM them without any interruption and hiatus.
i wish we could talk the way we do in school and laugh at horny jokes all day long.
i miss how we would gather in a group at the Dirty Corner and piss ourselves laughing.

i wish that Media Studies's the only subject i have.
only cz i topped the class in the last assignment and Steve was praising me a hell lot last thursday.

In conclusion,
life's a bitch.
and like what i told my dear Nenepok,
if your life's a bitch, mine's a whore with STD and a rotting you-know-what.

i miss happy posts.
its just that windy and cold nights gets me thinking alot.
i don't like it.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


to everyone:


but truth is i just don't feel like blogging.
im not sick of typing,
just that i don't feel like typing out stuff.

but no worries.
i will soon.

SHOE-LYNN!- will blog soon i promise.

HORNYLIANLIAN!- it's not my fault you're just horny like that. and you ditched me for lunch goddamnit. PLUS dawn does not love you. neither do i. ,muahahahahhaha
Kids - MGMT