Wednesday, January 31, 2007

seriously love,
don't skip this vid cz it loads really fast but its fuckin funny.
Julian who gets his kick from YouTube sent me the link.
credit him for that.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seventeen Bangbang *

my birthday was awesome,
not just today itself but it started last night.

we decided to go to bed 'early'.
and JuicyJasjas! knocked on my door to wish me happy birthday ((:
and the there's this tiny whiteboard on our door,
she was so nice to clean it up for me,
mumbling smth like "Aiyoh!So many conteng.Nvm lar I write for you nice nice tmrw."

so i was like okayyyyyyy.
and then i heard really loud pounding on the door,
as in the "KRAK KRAK BAM BAM" kind.
then i heard people running away so i just didnt bother.

and then came a 2nd time.
so this time there were no footsteps this time round.
so OBVIOUSLY i opened up,
the thing's that the whole friggin corridor was empty.

all of them signed birthday wishes for me on the whiteboard.
so what lar it's not a HUGE present,
like hullo.
this is better than anything at all.

and then all of them just jumped up from nowhere,
damn i hugged them all ;D
i mean these are people i knew for barely a week.
and for them to do that for me,
it was just plain sweet can?

and even better,
MarvellousMuz wrote on everybody's door,
reminding them to wish me happy birthday.

it was all good.
then lepak-ed at PunkRockerBen's place cz his room was really really awesome.
it was so cold.heehee
so he slept and then MonyetMuz, FartingAdi and I just talked and talked.
MonyetMuz however decided to perform card tricks.

okay pictures now.

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

that's MouldyMuzafar and that girl with half her butt showing.
at Taka, a jap restaurant in the city.

#3. Image Hosted by

the birthday wishes!!!

#4. Image Hosted by

L-R : Clare, Sally, Samantha, Muzzie, Miss Tujuh Belas, Adi & Ben.

#5. Image Hosted by

the girl in blue's Jas.

#5. Image Hosted by

Muzzie getting all kurang ajar scribbling on people's doors.


#6. Image Hosted by

Muzzie being an entertainer.
FAILED- big time.

#7. Image Hosted by

tell me that's just so rad.

#8. Image Hosted by

#9. Image Hosted by


#10. Image Hosted by

Ben's babies.

#11. Image Hosted by

Ben gave me this cz it's too gay for him.

#12. Image Hosted by

and dear Muzzie did this,
and printed it out;
so now its stuck on my wall.


ahh people.
i tell you,
my friends in currie hall're really really awesome.
Sally kept pestering me to bathe cz she wanted to go to the Blue Room to play poker.
as usual i took my own time,
till she had to drag me into the toilet,
then i took my time to dry my hair.

what happened was that we went down to the Blue Room,
but it was all dark and i saw a few guys there,
and then when i walked closer i saw even MORE guys on the couches,
and i was like "Wei Sally i thought it's only Sam and Clare?Who else is here?"
Sally went, "Everybody."

just at that time she said that,
i saw light flickering on the big table.
i was like "OMG GUYS!!! OMG THX SO MUCH!!!"
almost everyone was there.

how sweet can that get hmm?
and Jack felt so guilty he didnt wish me,
he and his group of friends just refused to let me do anything at all.
and Irfan(he's that computer whiz) played the piano ;D
like phhwoarhhh.

GUYS,well and GIRLS for that matter,
thx a bunch for making this one of my best birthdays EVER.
you guys are so rad im really so damn touched.

and JuicyJasJas just gave me this.

Image Hosted by

Monday, January 29, 2007


we went to the infamous Cottesloe Beach ystd.
MiniCooperTammy, TakutHantuJas, CacatMuzzie and their three cuzzies.
it was fun.
MiniCooperTammy gave me a lift there.
and it was so cool,
the wind was blowing in our hair,
and she was blasting awesome songs.
just wanna start dancing.

the beach was awesome but i'll just leave you guys with pics ;D
bet SueLynn would be delighted.


#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by


#5. Image Hosted by

#6. Image Hosted by

#7. Image Hosted by

see the sun rays?mmhmmm.
just beautiful like that ((:

#8. Image Hosted by

#9. Image Hosted by

#10. Image Hosted by

#11. Image Hosted by

my fav part of the car ;D

Sunday, January 28, 2007


back in jb when i told people i was going to oz,
their number 1 reminder or advice whatever you call it was

and after that came the MUST STUDY PROPERLY AHH?!!

like okayyyyy....
there are asians here too and i gotta admit those jap guys are sizzlin.
and fine,
the angmohs here are pretty hot too.
but then again,
im currently enjoying being damn singleand boring thankyouverymuch.

AUNTIE/UNCLE X: eh joy.going to australia already?
ME: -grins the biggest grin EVER- YUPP!!!
ME: don't want boyfriend lar.single damn chun i like.(i wanted to go, "don't want boyfriend lar.girlfriend better." but nahhh i didnt want to freak the shit outta em)
AUNTIE/UNCLE X: *scoffs* really meh?don't believe you.

fuckin hell they SCOFFED at me!!!

but no one can beat my grandma,

"Ah Jorhlinngg ahh!!yao dai hui angmog nan pen you mei guan xi. bu yao dai hui na zhong zhe bian lobang na bian lobang jiu ok liao."

well she told me its okay to bring an angmoh boyfriend back.
just don't get a guy with piercings.
but i like guys with piercings heehee
my buddies just know my obssession.
ladeedadeedahh <3

and my dear friends only worry bout one thing;
that i'll start fagging my lungs off.
i havent even touched a fag promise.

and then some of them i video called were rather surprised i didnt have an ozzie accent.
one week?
an unfamiliar accent?
uhm okay.

i;ll prolly come back speaking cantonese so pretty darn well though.
i had a cantonese-vulgarities-tutorial last night with Clare.

going to the city to shop for groceries.
and did i mention how much i loathe doing my laundry?

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

#5. Image Hosted by

that's BlurBoiboiSebastian.
he sent me off at the airport,
BUT the flight was delayed so we spent the time taking the skytrain and camwhoring of course.

#6. Image Hosted by

this old man was doing that cz he was damn afraid when the polane was landing.
i pissed myself laughing ;D

Saturday, January 27, 2007

damn hot can die dot com.

it's so hot for the past two days,
not as in yikes!-the-sun-will-tan-my-pretty-lil-face hot,
it's that fuck!-im-burning kinda hot.
no really,
i just need to rant about the temperature.

it hit 40 degrees ystd,
and according to the news, it might get higher.

it's so hot, it really is.
you guys can't complain bout how hot Malaysia is.
cz dang you really don't know how its like cooped up in a room so stuffy and warm.
so sleepy but you can't sleep at all,
it bloody well sucks.

the only place that's fully air-conditioned is the Blue Room.
no, before you snigger-(Julian),
there's no hanky panky business going on in there.
it's just a name;
Blue Room.
like how you just detest people associating you with horny if your name's Julian,
so no teasing ;D

well anyways we planned to sleep there but got chased up by our Resident Advisor,
so we came up to the rooms,
apparently it was dangerous.

so anyways what happened was that Samantha and Sally crashed over at my place to play cards.
and then it got sooo stuffy the three of us got the same crazy idea to put three fans in the room,
AND cram in a tiny single bed.

then sneak out early in the morning to sleep in the Blue Room.
so we watched "Legally Blond" till like 4.30am.
fyi, we did make it into the Blue Room and i just slept there till i-forgot-what-time.

#1. Image Hosted by

australia's really cloud-less like that.

#2. Image Hosted by

that's Sally and Samantha.

#3. Image Hosted by

#4. Image Hosted by

there, those three fans.

#5. Image Hosted by

tiny lil bed we had to sleep on.
and mind you we slep vertically.
that i dunno.
but apparently none of us felt anything at all.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


homework's piling up already.
i've got an assignment due on Monday for Media Studies.
How effective an impact do the Black Eyed Peas have on their target audience?"

after watching like 5 MTV's of fergie doing nth but gyrating her ass,
we gotta write a 500 word essay.
the horror.
and there's soooo much reading to do.
like this weekend we gotta read page 3 to 31.
i was thinking,
"Cheh!No problem larrr.."
and then when i got the stack of papers i nearly died.
the fonts were really really TINY can?!?!?!

but Steve's(that's my lecturer) a real lot of fun.
he gets you so interested in media,
as though it's just this magic box unravelling so much mystery.
i can't wait for term two where we do practical assignments instead of reading and reading.
it's gonna be in another 5 weeks!

Steve: Okay.Now let's watch the last video from the Black Eyed Peas.Any objections?
CrownPrinceKeith: *mumblemumblemumble
Steve: Yes Keith?
CrownPrinceKeith:'s getting boring.can we watch avril lavigne instead?
Steve: WE.ARE.WATCHING.BEP.NOW. who gives a damn bout bloody avril lavigne?!

see see!
i told you he's rad like that ;D

note: you may be wondering why he's called CrownPrince Keith.
well love,
if you watched Princess Hours,
well he looks like Xin,the crown prince.
will try to get a picture of him.

thk god tmrw's Australia Day.
big party AND fireworks coming up ;D
and the best thing's bout Currie Hall(that's the 'hostel' im at);
no curfew, no jaga,
and all you need is the keycard ;D
who said hostel life was bad.
i think it's pretty well wicked.
you don't have to worry bout locking doors and switching on house alarms.
and the possibility of it being broken into's like whut?
1 percent?

as i promised,
just a few pics.
i gotta run.

#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

from L to R : Dr.Eunice,ME!,LegalTammy and finally,OddballCheryl.

#3. Image Hosted by

Dr.Eunice and ME!!

#4. Image Hosted by

OddballCheryl and ME!(this picture took us abt five minutes cz i couldnt stop laughing.)

#5. Image Hosted by

that's SupergirlJas.(she's my neigh-bore who's got a huuugeeee crush on our R.A) snorts.

#6. Image Hosted by

and here's where we hang out during breaks.under the tree ;D

#7. Image Hosted by

the one on the left's MooMooMuzafar.he's that Fareez lookalike ((:

#8. Image Hosted by

Ivy and MEE!! having fish and chips at Cicerello,Fremantle,supposedly it's the best in Oz.but i'll still settle for calamari rings ANYTIME.

#9. Image Hosted by

alrighty im done.
there's gonna be more tmrw.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007



if anyone of ya received mt texts informing you bout my new num,
you'd be pretty curious why i mentioned that i can only go online on the 2nd week of february,
valentine's day to be exact
not that it matters but oh well.
but i digress.
a computer whiz from indonesia who lives a few doors away just at the next row of my room,
came in,
went click click click,
and bam!
i got it!
yuh lucky like that too bad sayang.

perth's really beautiful seriously.
ive got pictures to prove them.
that'll be in the next entry cz i took ALOT.
anyways orientation was fun.
i made like so many friends so FAST!
like the fastest ever.
i love australia.

there's TAMMY,
she's a real gorgeous girl frm south africa,
yes, angmoh.
and there's EUNICE,
she's from singapore.
real nice.
we went to the city together this afternoon to get our SmartRider cards ;D
smth like the ez-link cards.
and uhm there's MUZAFAR and NURJAS(SITI),
siblings,not twins but long story.
Muzafar really really looks and behaves like Fareez though.
and there's JACK and ANGEL and SALLY and CLARE from hongkong.
they speak cantonese,
and we cant speak cantonese for shit.
but they're really really helpful and really really nice.
how we communicate?
english lar bodoh!
Clare's got like packets and packets of junk food plus instant noodles on her study table.(im munching on a pack of seaweed she gave me)
and Sally's got like her WHOLE room decorated with Stitch.
damn i loveeeeeee Sally's room.

we live so close to each other,
like just a few doors away,
so room hopping nightly is expected.
i just got back from Tammy's whose room's just opposite mine,
and now Jas's knocking on my door cz she can't get to sleep.

and the best thing's that we don't have to wake up so early to school cz Tammy's driving.
cz if not we gotta take the bus at 7 plus, but NOW..
we leave at 7.40! muahahaha.
she just got her Mini Cooper ystd (i can see it from my room cz im just right above the car park)
it's wicked.

we really do hope Eunice moves over to Nedlands so we can meet up.
she stays rather far.
cz like all of us are from Currie Hall.
so it'd be fun.
but she's 28th on the list so the chances of her getting in are pretty low.
well unless we really piss those newcomers off.

there's gonna be this concert called the Big Day Out next weekend.
and all of us are hyped up bout it.
cz bands like MCR,Muse and a few more i don't remember will be playing.
tix are at $115 though.
so i'll prolly have to decide between the MCR one or this one.
well obviously it's gonna be the MCR one like duh.

Taylors College's real rad.
theyve got like endless activities for all of us.
only Tammy's 18 so she'll be the only one able to go to a real cool club in the city and come back wasted, pounding on our doors, waking us up at 4am in the morning or something.
but Friday's Australia Day(national day) so there's gonna be a huuuuggggeeeee carnival party whatever at Swan Lake.
and NEXT friday,
a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH for our sch after classes(oh classes end at 3 btw).

gotta crash but can't.
will try though (if only NeighbourJas stops IM-ing me.)
pictures coming up.

Friday, January 19, 2007

last one before i leave REALLY!!

this was what appeared over at MY side.

Image Hosted by

and THIS,
ladies and gentlemen is what it appeared over at HIS side.

Image Hosted by

im such an idiot sometimes.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


so here goes.
i thought i could leave this post for tmrw,
but i figured out that the laptop better be in my bag asap so yuh.

i'm leaving.
might not be back till 2nd week of december.
trying to come back in june cz my lovelies are having their term break as well ;D
but hell.
i seriously doubt it's possible.

here's a huge thank you and a big hug for those who made my loooonnnggggg holidays worthwhile,
going out and just talking cock with me whenever im in a dire need to go out.
oh and endless mamak-ing.
plus those movie mates of mine.
im done watching ALL the horror and english shows already.
in less than two weeks ;D
damn im good like that.

well i think im kinda nervous bout being there all alone in oz.
i don't like the let's-start-afresh-and-make-spanking-new-friends-baby! kinda crap.
things just won't be the same.
fitting in's one point but making good friends is another.
i can't help having mixed feelings bout tmrw.
damn i don't wanna sob in the airport.
reminder to self: better not use eyeliner tmrw.

on a brighter note,
dad got me a credit card for emergency.

Me: whoopdeedoo!credit card!
Dad: it's only for emergency.
Me: *blink blink blink.
Mom: emergency doesnt mean walking into roxy, falling in love with a shirt then go,"Aiyah.not enough cash."
Me: shit mom.i thought of doing that.

i wanna bring my plush toys over.
but i can't.
i wanna bring that HUGE teddy bern&jason gave me for my birthday, the shaggy dog stef&huiting gave me for my birthday(that's my all time fav), and that carrot-like doll HornyLianlian gave me.
but friggin can't.
cz it'll only overload my whole luggage.

and i wanna bring my bags too.
damn i hate it when i gotta choose.

who's up for a trip to toys r us?
call me.
we can look at cute lil elmo do the hokey-pokey and hear it giggle.

damn i would kill for a job there.

good morning thursday (:

crazy as i am,
im still very much in disbelief i watched the whole season 2 of south park till 4am.
suffering from imsomnia.
can't sleep.
itching for a survey so here goes.

What is your favorite..

gum: i don't remember.nehhh that one, watermelon flavour.oh Bubblegum!
restaurant: jap.kinsahi's fine.ate there four times and counting this week.
season: winter winter winter!summer's for the beach.
type of weather: rainy ;) yuh curse me but im lovin it these few days.grins.
thing to do on a half day: a show with my buds fine too.
late-night activity: MAMAK!dance clubs would be awesome stuff too woot woot!
sport: beach volleyball ;D

When was the last time you..

cried: i don't remember.must be something stupid i reckon.
played a sport: yesterday.wait no, two days ago.volleyball whoopdeedoo!
laughed: uhm.5 minutes ago?yuh.south park.
hugged someone: uhm.11pm wed.
kissed someone: does Gerard's poster count?heehee
felt depressed: a damn damn damnnnnn long time ago.
felt suicidal: err whut?
felt elated: when i went out and pissed myself laughing with nenepok ;D
felt overworked: two months ago hunnee ;D
faked sick: i didnt want to have lunch with one of my mum's friend who doesnt stop telling me abt the do's and don'ts of college.krapp.ooh i had a really really really terrible so painful can die stomachahe ;)
lied: too many times don't remember.but i think i did lie today.confirm punye ;D

What was the last..

word you said: i don't remember.
song you listened to: lady sovereign's love me hate me!it's on repeat for more than an hour now.
song you danced to: lady sovereign's love me hate me.
place you went to: some random mamak stall at permas.
movie you saw: today!!Sinking Of Japan.shd catch it.real good special effects.
movie you rented: i don't rent movies.i BUY pirated dvds ;D
concert you attended: nehhh.that xmas one.

Who was the last person you..

hugged: swee wen.
cried over: oh wow.damn long time stupid story dont wanna talk abt it too bad.
kissed: gerard?
danced with: i don't a club some random stranger.dunno.
shared a secret with: hmmm recently i guess.with who?THAT, i really dont remember.eek!
had a sleepover with: i think the npk's.
called: ven.
received: daniel
went to a movie with: nenek and swee yee ;D
saw: jarred.
were angry with: hmmm heehee.
couldn't take your eyes off of: i think it was that jap guy from sinking of jap.oh and he died.bladdy shit.
obsessed over: oh it starts with a G.

Have you ever..

danced in the rain: uhhuh.
kissed someone: mmmpfftt.
done drugs: nawww.
drank alcohol: uhhuh.
slept around: no shit!
partied 'til the sun came up: yes yes yes!!
had a movie marathon: nods.
gone too far on a dare: hell yeah!i went screaming down a hotel alley, and then an angmoh woman in really ugly pjs opened the door and told me to shut the fuck was 3am.embarrased? was a dare hello?
spun until you were immensely dizzy: i just did.i wanna barf.
taken a survey quite like this before: nope.but it was fun.i like the dare ques still gets me laughing.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

die die die.

why hello there (:

no actually im not that smiley.
went for a haircut ystd.
and gave a different bob a shot.
fuckin fuckin short i tell you.
learn hunnee, learn.

mum told me that my bochup attitude will kill me.
she should be a fortune teller.

Image Hosted by

need to get used to it.
i feel like a boy.
dumb dumbbbbbbbbb.

Monday, January 15, 2007

a Jtea special.

**UPDATED!-pics at the end ((:

Image Hosted by

i used THIS as my display pic this morning.
yesyes new camera but that's another post.
i forgot to take a printscreen of the convo but oh well.

jtea- may kills spots : walew.

jtea- may kills spots : you got cicakman power ahh?

jtea- may kills spots : how come can take pic upside down?

Joylyn! ♥ me barbie you ken she sayang? : cz right lianlian...

Joylyn! ♥ me barbie you ken she sayang? : im better than you ;D

which just proves what that dumbdumb knows about photography and-
digital cameras.


#1. Image Hosted by

#2. Image Hosted by

#3. Image Hosted by
Kids - MGMT