Tuesday, January 23, 2007



if anyone of ya received mt texts informing you bout my new num,
you'd be pretty curious why i mentioned that i can only go online on the 2nd week of february,
valentine's day to be exact
not that it matters but oh well.
but i digress.
a computer whiz from indonesia who lives a few doors away just at the next row of my room,
came in,
went click click click,
and bam!
i got it!
yuh lucky like that too bad sayang.

perth's really beautiful seriously.
ive got pictures to prove them.
that'll be in the next entry cz i took ALOT.
anyways orientation was fun.
i made like so many friends so FAST!
like the fastest ever.
i love australia.

there's TAMMY,
she's a real gorgeous girl frm south africa,
yes, angmoh.
and there's EUNICE,
she's from singapore.
real nice.
we went to the city together this afternoon to get our SmartRider cards ;D
smth like the ez-link cards.
and uhm there's MUZAFAR and NURJAS(SITI),
siblings,not twins but long story.
Muzafar really really looks and behaves like Fareez though.
and there's JACK and ANGEL and SALLY and CLARE from hongkong.
they speak cantonese,
and we cant speak cantonese for shit.
but they're really really helpful and really really nice.
how we communicate?
english lar bodoh!
Clare's got like packets and packets of junk food plus instant noodles on her study table.(im munching on a pack of seaweed she gave me)
and Sally's got like her WHOLE room decorated with Stitch.
damn i loveeeeeee Sally's room.

we live so close to each other,
like just a few doors away,
so room hopping nightly is expected.
i just got back from Tammy's whose room's just opposite mine,
and now Jas's knocking on my door cz she can't get to sleep.

and the best thing's that we don't have to wake up so early to school cz Tammy's driving.
cz if not we gotta take the bus at 7 plus, but NOW..
we leave at 7.40! muahahaha.
she just got her Mini Cooper ystd (i can see it from my room cz im just right above the car park)
it's wicked.

we really do hope Eunice moves over to Nedlands so we can meet up.
she stays rather far.
cz like all of us are from Currie Hall.
so it'd be fun.
but she's 28th on the list so the chances of her getting in are pretty low.
well unless we really piss those newcomers off.

there's gonna be this concert called the Big Day Out next weekend.
and all of us are hyped up bout it.
cz bands like MCR,Muse and a few more i don't remember will be playing.
tix are at $115 though.
so i'll prolly have to decide between the MCR one or this one.
well obviously it's gonna be the MCR one like duh.

Taylors College's real rad.
theyve got like endless activities for all of us.
only Tammy's 18 so she'll be the only one able to go to a real cool club in the city and come back wasted, pounding on our doors, waking us up at 4am in the morning or something.
but Friday's Australia Day(national day) so there's gonna be a huuuuggggeeeee carnival party whatever at Swan Lake.
and NEXT friday,
a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH for our sch after classes(oh classes end at 3 btw).

gotta crash but can't.
will try though (if only NeighbourJas stops IM-ing me.)
pictures coming up.


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