Monday, September 10, 2007


we were celebrating eric's 20th that day.
will and peter joined us,
and brought some greens later on as eric's present.
well of course all of us shared. d-oh.

will's a darling. he shares.i like.
he's from NY. ive always wanted to go to NY.
peter's from texas. he lets me hang out in his room for tea. i like TOO.

Azri started dancing, bouncing rather, to the Happy Tree Friends tune.
he and Eric were being entertainers.
no really. we were laughing so much its bananas.
there was this particular convo.
Azri was teasing me about smth.i dont remember what.

Azri: ......wah wah wah Joy you think you're Sleeping Beauty is it? later you bdhcsbkhcfskjbclalucalusdy SO MANY DWARVES

Will stopped fagging.
Peter stared at me.
I stared at Peter.
Julian stared at the both of them.

Me: fuck that azri.there're no dwarves in the sleeping beauty aye. wrong channel aye. it's snow white.
Azri: my Foxtel aint working man.


Me: OMG did you hear about the little mermaid losing her glass slipper?
Azri: ehhh? is it?

haha i love the little park.
and my friends.
and the nice nice spliffs we have ;)


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